Donations to the Library

We will be accepting donations on the first Saturday of each month from 11:00-1:00. We will use material for library collection, book sale, or given away as prizes. Material is subject to our donation policy. For questions, please call the library at 254-4832.

The Wood River Public Library strives to provide space for patrons of all ages. Our most recent project has been to create a space for the teens in our community. We have started a wish list on Amazon for those wanting to support this endeavor and give back to the young adults at our library.
Click on the image above to take you to our wish list.

I pay my taxes, why should I donate additional money to Wood River Public Library?
Property taxes can’t do the whole job. although many of us think that the library is fully supported by municipal taxes-it isn’t. Donors create life-changing programs, services, spaces and collections that wouldn’t be possible with government funding alone. 

I don’t even use the library. Why would I donate money towards something I don’t even use?

You may not use the library but I’ll bet someone you love does. You do not donate to cancer research only if you have cancer. You donate because if its important to your family, friends, and community. You may have grandchildren who use the library. Maybe your parents are getting up there in years, and the one thing they still enjoy is their ability to read, Donating to the library will leave a lasting imprint on the City of Wood River.

Everything is going digital. Libraries are becoming obsolete. I am not going to give money towards something that won’t even be around 10 years from now.

When e-readers were released to the public, there was an initial downturn in library usage. However, the years following the initial boom, library usage is again increasing. While e-reader usage is coming down slightly. Turns out, many people find their paper books preferable to their digital ones! Libraries have also done a lot of things to stay relevant, They are becoming more of a community destination as opposed to a quiet area for studying and reading. The Wood River Public Library offers an average of 15 programs a month with a variety of topics. Story Hours, Yoga, Movies and more are all a part of the community the library has created   We need to increase our space and amount of staff time spent at the library in order to complete the transition to community destination.

I can find everything that I need on the internet. There is no need for a public library.

You may be able to find a lot of things on the internet, but not everything. Can the internet help you if you don’t know where on the internet to look? A librarian certainly can.  Can the internet engage your child in a story and activity? Maybe, but a librarian at Storytime, Toddler Tales, and more will do a better job.  I would bet on it! Also, the Internet is not free. Many people rely on the public library to keep up with their email, news and other things that are not available on the internet. And just because you can find it on the internet, doesn’t mean you will understand it, Librarians and the community of people who use the library are here to support you in obtaining exactly the information you need.

Wood River Public Library Foundation

The Wood River Public Library Foundation exists to make charitable and literary distributions to the Wood River Public Library. Foundation Board members attend one to two meetings a year and special projects as needed.

Memorial Garden

Anyone can recognize and honor a special person by purchasing a brick or block in our Memorial Garden. Forms are available at the library or can be printed off this webpage. For more information about the Wood River Public Library Foundation, or to get involved, please contact the Foundation at