About Us

Our mission

Bring the people and the resources of the Library together in order
to enhance the lives of individuals and the community as a whole.


  1. We are a popular materials library, featuring current, high-demand, high-interest materials in a variety of formats for all ages.
  2. We areĀ a children’s door to learning, providing materials and services to stimulate children’s interests and appreciation for reading and learning at all ages.
  3. We are a reference library, providing timely, accurate, and useful information for community residents.

We are a member of the Illinois Heartland Library System (ILHS)
IHLS covers 28,141 square miles and serves a population of 2,248,634.
There are 518 member libraries: 31 Academic, 226 Public, 232 School and 29 Special.
Of the 518 IHLS member libraries, 340 participate in the IHLS LLSAP known as SHARE